WordCamp Dallas / Fort Worth

Last weekend I had the opportunity to attend the WordCampDFW, venue which took  place at the UNT Health Science Center. I want to share with you the beautiful moments that happened throughout:


Meeting Chris Wales (WordPress Community Manager of GreenGeeks) and Trey Gardner (GreenGeeks CEO)

I was sure that Chris was a great person before I met him in person, we had chatedt for months and I remember my first day with GreenGeeks when very nicely Chris wrote me in the chat “Welcome to GreenGeeks, I hope you enjoy working from home”, he told me that if I needed something, I should have not hesitate to approach him. And well, I wrote to him every time I had a doubt and he was always very kind to me in solving my concerns. And I still write him when I need.

 I remember that the same day. I told him that I was part of the WordCamp San Jose Costa Rica 2018 organization hereplied to me the same afternoon saying: “We’re gonna sponsor SJCR. I just submitted the form” I was so touched by his support, the nicest form to say welcome to the team. Thank you very much Chris! Thank you Chris!

I arrived at the hotel about 130 pm and I received a call, it was Chris. He asked where I was, and  if I wanted to eat something, so I said yes and I was waiting for him. Finally, I met him and I offered him a coffee from CR, I he enjoyed it! 

We went to Torchy’s, we ate tacos and we had margarita. It was like eating tacos for the first time! because I must confess that I had never eaten so many tacos in a row in three days. It was hilarious.

During downtime we talked about going to see a Japanese Garden that was very close to the hotel, however, we got so engaged into talking, we had only 10 minutes to get to the place before they supposedly closed. Once we arrived we also found out that, they were closing earlier, so,we were only able to walk around the place on the outside, but for me, it was avery nice walk and the place looked beautiful.

We went back to the hotel and then went to the volunteer dinner, speakers and sponsors from the Dallas / Fort Worth WordCamp organization had prepared.

We arrived at the hotel and I was warmly welcomed by Trey Gardner, CEO GreenGeeks, whom I was also meeting for the first time in person. We had talked on the phone and he had always been a very kind and attentive person with me. For me, it was a pleasure to meet him. Knowing him confirmed something I already knew before, which is that he’s an awesome person!

Volunteers, speakers and sponsors dinner

We arrived at the dinner that was held at The Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth, very beautiful place, elegant and with lots of space. We sat at the table with some of the speakers Paul Clark, Elayna Fernández and LaToya Frazier. They are incredible and talkative people. It was a very pleasant evening.

My dinner was delicious, I ate an Andalusian salad with chicken, I loved eating the asparagus, they were so fresh.

Marinated Cremini Mushrooms, Grilled Asparagus, Marcona Almonds, Piquillo Peppers, Manchego, Sherry Vinaigrette, Chicories.

With much love we received a beautiful gift from the WordCampDFW organizing team.

At the end of the dinner, we wanted to enter to find out more about the art of the museum, we especially loved this original paint by Pablo Picasso, an art from 1960, acquired by the museum in 1967.

Pablo Picasso – Femme couchée lisant (Reclining Woman Reading),
Paul Clark, Elayna Fernández, LaToya Frazier, Elisha and Chris.


Ready for diversity. We arrived at the UNT Health Science Center, an excellent place to hold the event. The sessions rooms offered a lot of technology and with all the comforts available, chatting was very pleasant.. The entire WordCampDFW team was ready to serve the attendees.

We set up the GreenGeeks booth and we put our usual candies, but this time we are very happy we also have several swags to give to the WordPress Community, we wear t-shirts, our Wapuu that is in its official launch days and also our pins, which reflect our Green Tags project to show the world that we are green and friendly with the environment.

Trey Gardner and Chris Wales.

Everyone wanted candies, it’s a good option to have good energy during the event, we love sharing candies with everyone who approaches, everyone loves candies, especially children.

I had the opportunity to attend to the talks during the day, which were very interesting and enriching.

Keynote with Paul Clark, with topics about how to get involved with WordPress Community.

After a delicious lunch, more talks, this time a WordPress Panel! About how to join to the community and make contacts, venture to meet so many talented people within the community who always have something positive to offer.

It was also a message to encourage to find a Meetup group locally to be part of it, provide support and actively participate, that strengthens the knowledge of everyone as a community.

In addition, tips on how to make money with WordPress, for example, selling ebooks, making promotional videos that help others, create content for our social networks and create unique content to attract traffic to our website.

A phrase that I liked very much that they said in the panel was “Concentrate on only one thing, do not try to know everything”.

I loved all the details of the organization, cookies and brownie for coffee, perfect for cold weather.

Especially for those of us who are not used to the cold, outside the building it looked like this, beautiful colors.

I had the privilege of attending the talk of Elayna Fernández, a very talented, empowered and intelligent woman, with much to say, I loved meeting her and learning from her in her talk How To Use Your Blog To Become A Digital Influencer.

I have three things that stayed with me from his talk:

  • Follow the people you want to establish a contact with, not just for being a follower.
  • If you are an introverted or extroverted person, it is fine, what is not good is to be something that one is not.
  • You need to learn in order to teach others.

To close the sessions of the day, we enjoyed some delicious snacks, cheeses, fruits and very tasty wraps. The networking moment had also arrived, preparing to attend the afterparty.


A day full of emotions, best of all, meet so special and smiling people.

Chris, Trey and Marko.


More candy today, and everyone still loves the sweets, it was like a continuation of the Halloween celebration.

One of my favorite talks was the keynote with Kori Ashton, a very intelligent, visionary and experienced woman in her area.

Their knowledge will definitely help all WordPress developers.

I rescue the fact of looking for what our passion is and developing it.

Also, give something in return to the WordPress Community.

Keynote – Kori Ashton

Make WordPress together as a Community.

wsform guys brought chocolates for their return home.

A very fun weekend, full of new emotions and experiences, I loved meeting so many beautiful people. The people in any part of the world that in some way or another are part of the WordPress Community have a big heart, I am very excited about everything that comes.

Thank you very much to all the WordCampDFW organization team, the event was fabulous, with an impeccable order and full of details.

Con Trey y Chris.

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